Medical Transportation

Providing access to patient care needs

Medical Transportation services provided:

  • Coordinate and assist with medical transportation needs

  • Provide transportation for in-town and out of town appointments

To connect with Medical Transportation, call 705-746-8022 or email 

Criteria for Assistance:

  • Registered band members of Wasauksing First Nation who reside within the community and/or members residing in the immediate surrounding area
  • Registered under the Indian Act as members of Wasauksing First Nation of other First Nation or sponsored spouses/ children of members.

The Medical Transportation Policy Outlines:

“The Patient Transportation Program provides transportation to community members to and from health facilities in Parry Sound, as well as towns/cities within a 200-kilometer radius including south of Wasauksing to Barrie, east to North Bay, and as far North to Sudbury.

Prior Approval will be requested from Medical Services Branch for specialized medical appointments outside of the 200-kilometer radius.”

In-Town Appointments:

  • Clients will be required to present their appointment card and/or notice of appointment to the Medical Transportation Coordinator/ Health Admin clerk for intake and consent process.

  • Clients requiring a driver/escort are eligible upon authorization of prior approval*, this can be arranged with the Medical Transportation Coordinator.

  • Clients must schedule appointments as per vehicle schedule developed by the Medical Transportation Coordinator.

  • Clients must notify Medical Transportation Coordinator of appointment date, time, and place at least 2 days in advance.

  • Clients will be required to utilize the medical vehicle with the Medical Transportation driver unless prior approval is sought and awarded.

  • Should a client opt to use their own vehicle, they will be responsible for any costs incurred, unless prior approval* has been applied for and awarded.

Out of Town Appointments:

Medical Transportation is provided for members whose physicians have referred them to specialized health care services. To receive financial assistance for transportation, clients are required to:

  • Provide an appointment card and/or letter of appointment from a health professional as soon as possible and no less than 2 weeks prior to appointment- to receive financial support in time.

  • Notify Medical Transportation Coordinator of your mode of travel (car, bus, etc.).

  • Ensure Wasauksing Patient Transportation Appointment Card that is given to you by Medical Transportation is completed, signed and returned to Medical Transportation.

The Medical Transportation Coordinator will assist off-reserve members residing within the immediate surrounding area to apply for grant applications such as Ontario Northern Travel Allowance and/or Ontario Disability Supplement Payments. Call 705-746-8022 x306 to book an appointment.

*Prior Approval Process:

The following procedure is required to ensure approval is received and financial support is available:

  • Client must submit verification in the form of an appointment card, referral slip and/or letter from health professional or facility.

  • Client must ensure all documentation is presented to the Medical Transportation Coordinator two (2) weeks in advance, or as soon as the appointment has been scheduled.

  • The client must provide notice of mode of transportation (car, bus, etc.).

  • The Medical Transportation Coordinator will submit an application for Prior Approval of funds upon receipt of all required documentation.

  • The Medical Transportation Coordinator has developed and maintains a flat rate charge for long distance transportation- this is based on policies of the First Nations Inuit Health.

  • Once payment is received, the client will receive the payment (if all documentation is provided) and is responsible for all costs incurred during this trip.

  • The client will ensure that all documentation (Wasauksing Patient Transportation Appointment Card) is signed and returned to the Medical Transportation Coordinator for processing by Wasauksing and First Nation Inuit Health.

Out of province and out of town transportation will be approved on a case by case basis, please notify the Medical Transportation Coordinator immediately so Prior Approval can be applied for.