Community Health Representative

Health education and collaboration

The Community Health Representative (CHR) duty is to observe and engage with the community for health-related issues. Our CHR shares responsibility with identifying the health concerns of the community and coordinating with officials and organizations to address the concerns as they happen. Our CHR program facilitates various health programs and activities throughout the year, some of which are our annual Health Fair, Healthy Moms and Babies, Safe Food Handler’s Course (in partnership with our Dietitian), and more.

Community Health Representative:

  • Works collaboratively with Nursing and Home and Community Care team

  • Community education

  • Health education

  • Community surveillance programs: mosquitos, ticks, dog bites, etc.

  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) for the community

  • Organizes the Health Fair, clinics, and educational events.

To connect with our CHR call 705-746-8022 or email