Traditional Wellness

Providing access to patient care needs

Our Traditional Wellness program offers various services, programming, and cultural events in our community. Some of the programs we offer are Anishinaabemowin classes, sewing workshops for ribbon skirts and ribbon shirts just to name a couple, and full moon ceremonies every month. We can provide Anishinaabe medicines such as sage, cedar, traditional tobacco, and we can also provide salves to our clients.

We’re currently working on developing a visiting elder program, more information to follow. All of our programs and services in our Traditional Wellness program promote wholistic wellness, and assisting our clients with their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Traditional Wellness:

  • Intake/ referral

  • Traditional health and wellness referrals

  • Family/ group assistance

  • Case consultations and referrals

  • On-site family/group supports and treatment options

  • Provides support at WSPSHC First Nation Healing Room

  • Medicine walks

  • Traditional medicines supports

  • Grief/mourning preparation and family support

  • Wasauksing representation

To connect with Mariah King, Traditional Wellness Coordinator, call 705-746-8022 or email

Traditional Wellness Updates: