Home & Community Care

Providing access to patient care needs

Primary Objective:

  • Primary objective of FHNIHCC WFN program delivery is to build the capacity within Wasauksing First Nation and it’s community members to develop, deliver confidential, comprehensive, culturally safe, accessible and effective home care services.
  • To assist First Nations living with chronic and acute illness in maintaining optimal health, well-being and independence in their homes.
  • Facilitate effective use of home care resources through a structured, culturally safe assessment process to determine service needs of clients and the development of a care plan.
  • WFN clinic will ensure that all clients with an assessed need for home care services have access to a comprehensive array of services within the community whenever possible, and strongly advocate for the client in early stages of hospital discharge planning in order to ease the transition and obtain services from outside community as support when necessary.
  • Encourage clients and their families to have an active voice, encouraging client centred care.
  • To continue to build and foster strong professional relationships between nursing, health care teams with clients and their families.


  • First Nations and those family members of First Nations on WFN territory.
  • Those who require and ongoing assessment of continuity of care and ease of transition from hospitals or procedures that require essential services.
  • For those 50 years plus – there are some exceptions based on individual unique needs, ongoing assessments and revisiting care plans and adjusting accordingly.

Supportive Services Include but not limited to:

  • Facilitating, networking and advocating for access of support services, for rehabilitation, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, End-of-life supports, Nursing and personal care.
  • Respite care – based on individual needs and criteria.
  • Support services to maintain and encourage independent living.
  • Specialized health and wellness.
  • Culturally safe care and access to Indigenous programs and therapy services.

Our Home and Community Care team are:

Vanessa Willow, RPN (Monday – Friday)
Kirsten Brownley, PSW (Monday – Friday)


  • Please encourage those who you feel would benefit from HCC program to reach out to the Nursing Station.
  • All calls must go through Health admin, if you are prompted to leave a voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly identify self and a contact number.
  • All referrals will be carefully assessed and review by team to determine eligibility.

Home and Community Care Update:

Helpline Monitor Reminder

If you have a helpline button, please ensure that you're wearing it at all times to assist you with getting emergency help 24/7.

Request for Shopping/ Pick-up of Medications

Due to the increase in our Home and Community Care clients we have had to update our shopping time allotment for clients accessing shopping trips. Clients will be allotted 1 hour for each shopping trip, there may be exceptions based on individual urgency or medical...