Addictions & Mental Health

Providing access to patient care needs

National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program:

The Work Plan and mandate is centered around assisting our members in identifying the risks and needs related to substance misuse and prevention, and harm reduction education. Actively promoting healthy active lifestyles, creating land based opportunities, liaising with community agencies for strong partnerships in delivering programming and community support. Our NNADAP program aims to work with all demographics of Wasauksing while encompassing children’s programming and family based programs.

Some examples of successful programs run to date: Outdoor Movie Night; Father’s Day Family Photos; COVID-19 lockdown colouring Contest; NAAW 2021 – Chief and Council breakfast, scavenger hunt, self care promo day – haircuts, manicures and massages, DARE education with the APS for grade 7/8 class, Candlelight vigil; Healthy Relationships Chat with PSHS; Family Camping at Three Mile Beach; BEMISHKAAJIG Youth Canoe Trip 2021 & 2022; Family Halloween Dance and Haunted Maze; Young Men’s Retreat Dec 2021; Women’s Retreat April 2022; Dangers of e-cigarettes and marijuana with PSHS grade 9 Ojibwe language class; Moose Hide Moccasin Making; Mom Prom and Comedy Show; Pleasure Craft Operators Course; Youth Sailing Camp; High School Lunches; Halloween Family Dance.

National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP):

  • Intake/ referral

  • Referrals for consultations

    • Confidential and Safe Individualized Support; case management support with Wasauksing’s team of clinicians, and on-going programming support by the Mental Wellness Team

  • Referrals to treatment centres

    • Withdrawal management, other treatment programs, and services related to harm reduction and patient navigation

  • Peer and motivational support

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Education and workshops for elementary and secondary schools

  • Workshops, circles, community events, cultural programming, family strength based programming, continuous learning to promote and support healthy, positive lifestyles

To connect with our NNADAP worker, call 705-746-8022 or email

Updates from NNADAP:

Social Work:

Coming Soon.

    Services provided: Helping people overcome the individual challenges they face. 

    • Counseling: Including, assessment, treatment planning, referral to other resources, client advocate.  Therapeutic interventions of CBT, IPT, Mindfulness, Brief Solution Focused, Narrative Therapy all including Trauma informed specialties.
    • Consultation: to interdisciplinary team, community resources, medical team
    • Collaboration: With community partners and community event plans. Social Workers and Nurses continue to work together in a shared care model at WFN Health Department.
    • Referrals: Accepted through Health Department, WFN  705-746-8022

    First Nation Mental Wellness

    Rooted in Traditional Knowledge, Approaches, and Practices; Supported by the Protection, Incorporation and Promotion of these Beliefs, Values and Medicines.

    Building capacity with healthy communities while ensuring team and individual health.

    To enhance (holistic) wellness for all, using unique community-based approaches, practices, traditional teachings, promoting healthy lifestyles and positive outcomes.

    By the enhancement and promotion of respectful engagement, clinical interventions with individuals and community expertise, rooted in traditional teachings.   Environment free of racism and discrimination where people feel safe.