Health Building Addition

Check out the expanded building.

Nursing Station Addition Progress:

February 2019: Anishinaabemowin Group named the Health Centre/ Nursing Station Enji-nooj-mo-haad (A place of healing).

June 2019: Ground breaking ceremony for the new wing.

June 2021: Ground was dug down to to prepare for the footings.

August 2019: preparing for the design phase for the addition.

September 2021: Footings were installed.

October 2021: Foundation built, piping installed, and empty space filled with gravel. Late October the supports and framing for the spiritual/gathering space were installed.

November 2021: Framing for the exterior of the building was installed. Enclosed the spiritual/gathering space.

March & April 2022: Exterior windows and doors were installed. Interior framing of rooms was completed.

May 2022: Electrical and plumbing were installed.

August 2022: Drywalling completed; HVAC system installed; epoxy flooring completed; roofing complete.

September 2022: Exterior walls completed to match the rest of the Nursing Station. Interior walls were painted.

October 2022: The addition should be ready to move into by the end of 2022. The electrical is in, ceiling tiles cover the open space; fixtures being installed; cables being connected. The Traditional Wellness Coordinator, Traditional Wellness Assistant, 2 part-time Social Workers, NNADAP worker, and our Health Administrative Assistant will be moving into their offices in the addition. The addition will have our traditional medicine room; spiritual/gathering space will allow for up to 30 people; a visiting office for external practitioners; lunch room for staff; and a room dedicated to all things public health.

Plans are in the making for an “Open House” after staff have moved in, so stay tuned.

Deborah Pegahmagabow
Director of Health